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By Jason B. Dennett


Many Christians today mistakenly think that the Scriptures don't say much about our eternal destiny, Heaven. However, there are over 110 chapters in the Bible that give us incredible details and inspiring information, about this grand subject of the Kingdom of God! Our secular culture has developed cartoonish concepts of Heaven, like sitting on a cloud and strumming a harp continually, singing worship songs forever, or simply being bored for all eternity. Nothing could be further from the truth! In this book, many of your deepest questions about Heaven will be answered, as we look into the pages of the Bible. You'll also learn the 3 distinct phases of Heaven, as God unfolds His eternal plan for this universe:

Phase #1 - The Dimension of Heaven
Phase #2 - The Kingdom of Heaven
Phase #3 - The Eternal Heavens

Prepare to be inspired, encouraged, and motivated, as we dive into a rich and satisfying study of "Heaven: The 3 Phases of God's Eternal Plan" together!



About the author


Jason B. Dennett is the senior pastor of Calvary Chapel Puerto Rico, the teacher of "Comfort My People" radio, is married to his beautiful wife Gina, and is the proud father of two sons, David & Michael.